Day Four - Big Sur to Monterey to San Simeon

Tuesday, May 19th.

Our turn-around day, and with some chagrin. Actually, a day hasn't passed without any of the three of us saying, "Let's stay." The train in the distance.

And if somehow we were able to manage that, sell our upside down house, liquidate our stuff, buy that VW Westfalia and wash feet for a living, how long until someone says, "I sure miss Zion?"

Paul Simon's song, Train in the Distance, has a bridge that says, "The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains." No truer words.

But I have to believe I'd never get tired of this, this junction of land and water seamed by a ribbon of asphalt, ridden by a machine that leaves no yearning for something different. It's a satisfaction to share this with ones I love so much, first hand, saturating all our senses, indelibly impressing our memories, along with these pics, a satisfaction that I've never come by previous, or in any other place than this, the Pacific Coast Highway.

So we're going to turn our motorcycles east today, the ocean to our backs, and ride above the hills that separate the fantasy and be simultaneously sad and anticipating coming back in August with different craft to kayak these waters instead of skirt them.

My, I'm a lucky man.

We left our digs at Big Sur and had a cool ride north to Monterey, picked up 68 into Pacific Grove which turns into Sunset that meanders through the most impressive real estate this country has to offer.

At Cannery Row we found breakfast and wandered the shops, rode to the wharf and found a Creperie with WiFi and posted the last entry.

We mounted again and turned our noses south, heading back down 1. At Lucia we heard that thunderstorms were approaching, so we abandoned our plans for camping and decided to stay at our favorite place on the planet, the Cavalier Oceanside Resort in San Simeon.

Along the way, though, is a favorite turnout, the photo op of photo ops for this trip that overlooks the PCH and one of her elegant arching bridges.


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