Covering the Trip

The fun from last year's trip has been prolonged and relived through the stills and video shot for the documentary, so for this trip we're gearing up for the same coverage, just on a smaller scale.

We'll be using a GoPro Hero Cam, a nifty little video camera that fits into its own protective housing and uses a variety of mounts so one can record from just about anywhere. We'll be using it mounted to its suction cup with an articulating arm, and as a helmet cam to get different perspectives.

We'll also have a Sony MiniDV Handycam that Katie will be shooting handheld while riding pillion on the Blackbird. Here it is mounted on the nose of the Blackbird, but testing it this way showed that vibration was not the camera's friend.

She'll be trading off with a Canon Sure Shot for stills as well. These two devices tether to her wrist and to a j-hook on the back of my Camelback when she not using one or the other.

We'll also have a digital SLR, a Canon Rebel XT with 10-22mm wide zoom, an 18-55mm standard zoom, and a 75-300mm telephoto zoom for roadside shots.


  1. I am excited to be living vicariously through you guys.


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