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Natural Selection in Progress

We decided our first excursion with our newly acquired kit would be to Tuweep or Toroweap campground, overlooking a 3000 foot drop to the Colorado River.

We left St. George Saturday after Mindy's Spokes for Hope bike race, taking the Main Street route, BLM roads 1069 and 5 from St. George, about 90 miles to Toroweap, most of which is off-road.

Our trip back was the Sunshine route, BLM 109 to Highway 389, a few miles east of Pipe Springs.

We arrived late afternoon and established our camp.

In about ten minutes we had it all up, including a shower/changing room. The roof-top tent goes up in seconds, along with the awning. The kitchen deploys with pedestals for stoves or coolers along with a canvas wash basin under a removable work surface.

We didn't know what to do with ourselves having grown-up camping gear compared to what we pack on the motorcycles.

One improvised item is a heavy-duty garden sprayer I converted to a shower by replacing the hose and sprayer with a food-grade t…


Last Saturday found us on an out-and-back trip to the end of the world, or at least the end of the AZ Strip, which for some is one in the same. One hundred fifty miles in the dirt.