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Our Cornering Consciousness

Cornering Consciousness is a record of our travels, but it's also the point of our adventures - elevate our consciousness, take in the moments on the land, the water, the trails and the highway. We've gone through a few vehicles along the way - kayaks, motorcycles, mountain and road bikes, an old Miata, a Yukon, a tricked-out third generation Montero, and a Hummer H3, but for the time being we've settled into a purpose-built generation 2.5 Mitsubishi Montero with the Winter Package for overlanding.

The corners range from off-road, four-wheel drive adventuring, to mountain bike trails, lakes and the Pacific Ocean; from the Pacific Coast Highway to what we've dubbed the Grand Staircase Highway, from St. George to San Simeon, from Monument Valley to the Valley of Fire to Yosemite to Zion National Park, and dozens of secret spots in between. We're hoping you might find some inspiration from these pages to do the same.

Bountiful to Big Sur to Bonneville

I've had the luxury of keeping my daughter's 1992 Ford F-250 while she's been in training and she's reached a point where she can now have her own vehicle at her new base, the Presidio in Monterey, 842 miles away.

Not only is Ol' Red over 25 years-old, it has over a quarter million miles on the clock, but since I drove it up to Bountiful from St. George and have used it to haul tons of yard waste to the dump, I had confidence in the beast, even at 9 miles-per-gallon, to make it to the DLI and brighten up a certain PFC's life. My return strategy was to ride my Triumph Tiger 800XC back to Bountiful, but not after spending the weekend with my daughter where I had the very distinct pleasure and honor to accompany her on her first motorcycle ride on her new motorcycle.

The truck and Tiger made it to the Presidio without even a hiccup, though Red required a quart of oil toward the end of the trip. While standing still on I-5 in Sacramento during rush hour traffic I …

Milestones and Mile Markers

This trip’s purpose took us and our dogs to our daughter’s graduation from the University of Oregon in Eugene and we made the best of the miles along the way, camping and exploring.  

At the university where I teach I’ve had the honor of reading the names of graduates at Commencement. This year’s graduation being the fifteenth time I’ve read not only their names, but their faces as well and there’s one affect display that’s truly tell-tale of the day, and it’s not the look of joy. It’s the look of oh shit.

And this occupied my brain along with a million other thoughts as we made our way around the Northwest, 2,164 miles worth. That’s a lot of mile markers.

Our first stop on Friday, June 16, was a departure from our route to Boise, a detour that took us Shoshone Falls. I’ve been avoiding Idaho for the last fifteen years, so it was nice to come back on different terms and in doing so, Idaho surprised us.

We chose Arrowrock Reservoir for our camp for the night. It was just a point on Googl…