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Bountiful to Big Sur to Bonneville

I've had the luxury of keeping my daughter's 1992 Ford F-250 while she's been in training and she's reached a point where she can now have her own vehicle at her new base, the Presidio in Monterey, 842 miles away.

Not only is Ol' Red over 25 years-old, it has over a quarter million miles on the clock, but since I drove it up to Bountiful from St. George and have used it to haul tons of yard waste to the dump, I had confidence in the beast, even at 9 miles-per-gallon, to make it to the DLI and brighten up a certain PFC's life. My return strategy was to ride my Triumph Tiger 800XC back to Bountiful, but not after spending the weekend with my daughter where I had the very distinct pleasure and honor to accompany her on her first motorcycle ride on her new motorcycle.

The truck and Tiger made it to the Presidio without even a hiccup, though Red required a quart of oil toward the end of the trip. While standing still on I-5 in Sacramento during rush hour traffic I …