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October RiSE

There wasn't much mystery in coining the title for this blog a few years ago; Cornering Consciousness was not only the intent of our adventures, but also the outcome of the process. And in all that we've done so far we have yet to have that consciousness manifest with such impact as it was in our latest foray into the desert.

This one was with more conventional means and a lot less gear. We drove to Jean, Nevada where we boarded a bus that took us a few miles east into the Mojave desert to a dry lake bed. This one had been modified a bit.

We were making our way to the venue of the RiSE Lantern Festival. We ordered tickets for this event back in September when Mindy read about it on her Facebook feed. She's wanted to be part of this ancient rite for a long time, an item on her bucket list, and we've both been looking for something to lighten the burden of October for me. We watched their video and were converted.

Following their email updates and instructions about the…