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Labor Day weekend found us first at Gunlock reservoir, making certain and alleviating fears about our boat’s ability to float, go, and stop. It was also our first experience in launching and retrieving a vessel, an activity better suited to the non-populated ramp of Gunlock instead of Wahweap at Lake Powell. All went well and returned home to pack provisions for the rest of the weekend floating above Glen Canyon.

Putting in at Powell was a breeze and it wasn’t long before we found ourselves at Crossing of the Fathers just past sunset where we found an empty little cove to drop anchor and fall asleep to the mist of light that fell from the Milky Way and other heavenly bodies.

First light Sunday found us still moored where we dropped anchor, despite fears of drifting. After breakfast we made our way back to Wahweap to pick up another kid. Navigating our way to Dangling Rope I did what most new captains do, racked the prop on a rock outcropping that I was traveling too fast to see.

Later in…

Labyrinth Canyon Attempt

The plan was simple enough: kayak from Antelope to Labyrinth Bay the first day, 32 miles. Second day, explore Labyrinth Canyon. Third day, paddle back to Antelope. The plan was naive to so many things including Labor Day lake traffic and record low water levels.

Our expedition consisted of four paddlers, my son Chris, then 15 years-old, my daughter Addie, then eleven, my spouse Mindy and I. Our little armada had three crafts, roto-molded boats from Ocean Kayaks; my 17' Cabo, Mindy's 15' Prowler and the kids' Malibu Two XL, a 13' tandem. The Cabo and Prowler ported our gear and supplies for the three-day tour.

We put in at the boat ramp at Antelope and paddled around the point east through the traffic of the marina and navigated the notorious channel that separates Antelope Island from the rest of Arizona.

The channel was at perpetual rush-hour with in- and out-bound traffic of every boat imaginable chopping up conditions that rival ocean kayaking with swells tall …