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geological exclamation points

The land here is much like the weather. Change minutes to miles and in just a few, things are going to be dramatically different. Long stretches of featureless desert are punctuated by geological exclamation points. Not the least of which is Horseshoe Bend, Arizona.

I don't mean to understate the inherent beauty of the Colorado Plateau, but it can be terrain that one gets used to over time, like a dozen years, much like how one gets used to a favorite pair of jeans, or living by the beach, if that's even possible.

Mindy's bucket list included Horseshoe Bend and it wasn't until I found it on Google maps when I realized we've been near it often, every time we've put in to kayak Lake Powell, only 139 miles from our doorstep in Hurricane. Early on Presidents' Day morning we loaded up the dogs and made the quick trip, the inauguration, as well, of the Hummer's most recent modification, the dog-deck.
The iPhone alarm of 4:30a was set for Tuesday, Wednesday, …