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where we live

I watched a YouTube video the other day about the Mojave Road, a trip atop our overland list, and within its narrative it was mentioned that twelve hours were spent on an Interstate to get to its starting point. And while such destinations are certainly worth the slab-time to get there, we live right in the middle of this planet's most beautiful and geologically diverse area on the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau in Southwestern Utah. This post is a highlight of what's within forty-five miles of our driveway.

The Sanctuary of San Simeon

A little over ten years ago we were married on this beach. A year before that we brought our kids here to kayak the cove and try a little blending.

We've been coming back ever since, the one destination that we return to about every year, and at seven hundred miles away, not to mention the drive through Lost Hills, that's quite a commitment.

It's more than a sentimental appeal, though. While we were enjoying the best burgers ever at Sebastian's at the Cove, a neighbor at our outdoor counter, upon learning about our San Simeon habit, said, "I bet you don't see anything change around here in ten years." He was right. There's something about consistency of place, an unchanging context, even with the weather and the ever-present scent of eucalyptus that whispers to me that I'm home again.

The trip out is on concrete and asphalt slabs crossing the great Mojave Desert from Hurricane on I-15 through Vegas, Baker to Barstow. Pick up 58 to Mojave and Teha…