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Our Hie to Kolob

We first camped here two weeks ago when my daughter joined me for an overnighter and line-wetting at Kolob Reservoir.
This, for the most part, is a locals’ secret, with much consternation should anyone reveal the secret handshake that is Kolob in general. Even the National Park Service seems to speak in whispers about this area.
Kolob Terrace defies description and has been in a perpetual tug-of-war between NPS, BLM and the People. And seeing of what all three of these parties are capable, maybe it’s a good thing.

The name Kolob comes up unrecognizable in my spell-check because it’s origin defies any kind of mainstream description. In short, it’s the planet closest to heaven according to Mormon scripture. Indeed, an apt nomenclature for a place this beautiful. But, I didn’t photograph the area, just the environs of the campground at Lava Point, a name much more to the point. The camp is close to complete after a redo with the sale of the Montero, starting from scratch with 17 cubic fe…