Day Two - Part Two: Camping in Hell, Riding through Heaven

Think Joe Pesci. Throw in the Ozbornes, Andrew Dice Clay, 2LiveCrew, and you're getting close to the camping companions we had at San Simeon last night. There's an age-old technique of counting sheep when one can't sleep. I counted F-bombs in stead.

All night long. Got the whole run-down on their sordid past, from three generations of murderous drug dealers, to wretching and vomiting this morning.

That notwithstanding, we had a good meal and a bottle of cheap wine, sat through a wonderful sunset and let the vibrations of the road whittle through our souls as we fell asleep on our $5.00 pool mattresses.

The girls are "Boutiqueing" this morning as I post this, walking along the rows of shops in Cambria. I'm at Cambria Cappuccino writing and having a good cup of coffee.


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