Dead Ringer

If you're a fan of the Red Bull Rampage you've seen the crazy trail descents near Virgin, Utah. There's a great trail system along the same range west of that venue that offers world-class mountain biking.

It began as the JEM (John, Ellen & Mike - creators) and has evolved into a network of climbs, multiple terrain, switchbacks, cliff hugging traverses, and high-speed cruises, all in the shadows of Zion Canyon. The network includes Dead Ringer - 5.2 mile, the JEM - 6.9 miles or 15.8 mile loop with Goulds, the Cryptobionic - 3.3 miles, and Goosebump - 3.6 miles, and More Cowbell - 2.7 miles. The network creates a number of loops making for several days worth of combos. 

This post deals mainly with Dead Ringer. 

There are a number of access points, this one is a junction of the JEM and Dead Ringer trails.
The Dead Ringer continues to the right beyond the sign in the above image, skirts and climbs the two prominent flat mesas in the background, popping up on top of the farthest one. 
Dead Ringer from above the mesa on More Cowbell, a trail that runs the rim of the mesas and connects into the JEM trail descent.
From atop the mesa on More Cowbell, a look back over Dead Ringer to the north with Pine Valley Mountain in the background.
The view back over More Cowbell from the edge looking south. 
Year-round access and cycling, trails ranging from novice to a little bit crazy all make this a mountain biking destination, trails that I ride three times a week. 


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