tant pis

I have a student in my Social Media class who is building a Facebook page with the mission to introduce people to paths off the beaten trail here in Southern Utah. I suggested she name it "...then I'll have to kill you," given the guarded nature of most explorers indigenous to our beautiful area wanting to keep her secrets safe. I'm guilty of doing the same thing with this blog, in fact, I've been called out for revealing a certain area in the Parashant.

We took a Sunday drive today to test out our new platform for our adventures over land, a 2007 Hummer H3. You can read about its build here. A great trail to put any vehicle through it's paces is one that leads to a favorite summer time retreat somewhere along the Hurricane fault. If you're a local, you know where this is. If you're not, as they say in French, tant pis.

It was our good luck to run into four people who walked much of the more technical trail into this spot, two and a half miles, and in our conversation there was, as is usual, a subtext to the idea of keeping this place our little secret, though none of the six of us were actually from the area.


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