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Things Thought to be Certain

Every Father's Day since I've been one I've been asked what I'd like for the occasion, a smart question that eliminates guessing or mind reading. The benefit to this is I get what I want. This year I wanted to go camping with my son and daughter and they obliged.

The second part to the request was to do so in Huntington Canyon, a place we associate with family history on my father's side, a place of the summers of his youth where his father worked for the US Forest Service as a Ranger. To get there we drove the most beautiful route in Utah, if not the West, Highway 12.

This was the first time for Chris, a trip long promised and finally delivered. Addie made the trip before on my motorcycle in 2009. Chris being the driving enthusiast he is, was overwhelmed by this remarkable road and its no-less-than-remarakble vistas.

At Henrieville we left Highway 12 to visit Kodachrome Basin, a small State park with amazing geology. We stopped at Chimney Rock for lunch.
From the…